Becoming a Member of the Knight Hockey Family

The Rice Memorial Prep Hockey Program was inaugurated in 2009, and completed its first season in 2009-2010.  It is a forward-looking team that develops student-athletes to exhibit intense dedication and skill, to learn and practice leadership skills, to achieve personal growth through sport, and to practice unrivaled sportsmanship.  Determination, desire, emotional discipline and integrity are the key aspects of the Knight hockey philosophy.  Players practice the rigors of academic excellence combined with the intensity and sweat needed to excel in athletics, thus shining in both academics and hockey.  Knight hockey players become complete student-athletes and meet high standards in both, reaching success in Junior Hockey, NCAA Hockey and the NHL.

Players are coached at the highest level of high school play.  They are taught to appreciate the art and intricacies of hockey, while also recognizing and using its simplicity to the team’s advantage.  The team constantly strives to exceed expectations, to maintain a sense of duty to the team and to sustain an unwillingness to be satisfied with anything less than the best.

Coached by Dennis Vickers, the team is exposed to innovative ideas and insights while honoring the traditions of hockey.  Coach Vickers will ensure that their players shine at both academics and sport, while making the players, community and alumni feel thrilled to be part of the Knight hockey family.  While the team excels by winning, Coach Vickers also challenges and motivates the team to become positively engaged in its community, school and team. Our Coaches

The Rice Advantage:

  • Play in a beautiful twin rink setting less than 2 miles from Rice and UVM
  • Exposure to USHL, EJHL, AJHL, NAHL, NHL & NCAA Div. I/III
  • School commitment to developing elite hockey players
  • Practice 4 days a week-Play 50-60 games against prep, midget and junior teams
  • Hockey Specific Strength and Conditioning Program
  • Leadership training
  • Sport psychology
  • Community, School and Team building emphasis