Billet Families

The Rice Prep Hockey billeting program is second to none.  Without host families the prep hockey program would be hard pressed to succeed.  Local families open up their homes allowing our players to join their families.  Our billets spend a great deal of time, energy, and commitment to ensure that are players are able to live comfortably and are able to have a wonderful experience away from their families.

Rice Prep players range in age from 15 – 18 so our billet families act as surrogate parents for the young men during the school year while the players are away from home. Billeting can be a very exciting and rewarding experience for all those willing to open up their homes to dedicated players of the Knights organization. Many families who have billeted in the past usually look back at their experience with fond memories. In fact, many families still keep in contact with their players as they move through their college careers.

Each potential billet is carefully screened and presented with our team’s expectations of the billet family. Personal visits are done throughout the season to ensure that both player and billet family are meeting those expectations and guidelines.

All players are to remember that their billets are their new home away from home and are expected to follow and adhere to the general rules and guidelines set forth by Rice and the Rice Prep Hockey Program. Respect for the billet family and their household is a priority and should not be taken for granted.

To qualify as a billet, families are required to provide a player with his own room from the start of the school year through the end. The families are also to provide meals for the players as well as transportation to school in the event that their player does not have a car (which many in fact do).

If you are interested in becoming a billet family or would like more information, please contact:

Head Coach
Dennis Vickers


International Student Coordinator
Rachel Rabbin
802.862.6521 x211

“We take comfort in knowing that our role as a host/billet family is important but part of a much bigger picture of support and nurture that comes with being connected to the Rice Prep Hockey Program…. The coaches are, as expected, concerned about the quality of the hockey experience and the development of these young players but they are also concerned about the quality of the billeting /living experience and making sure that is a good one for both the players and the families. Rice High School teachers and staff are very attentive, as expected, in making sure the academic experience is a priority and that students are challenged and supported to do well but they are also attentive to the overall health and emotional development of these young people. Other billet families have been a constant source of support and communication for one another in assuring that we know what these young people are up to socially and how they are doing….
It has been a great experience for our family-each and every one of us .We can say with all honesty, our players – all 3 of them – are terrific in each their own way. They are part of our family. We have come to know and appreciate their unique individual characteristics as they have ours. We and they have adapted. We talk. We laugh a lot. The time goes quickly. We know that our connection with one another has meant something far beyond what we expected…we have loved being billet parents and look forward to housing more players in the future.”
-David and Erika Nestor – Billet Parents of Doug Steers, Jordan Robertson and Maxime Drolet