All aspects of travel and transportation for the Rice Memorial Prep Hockey Team are first class. Like the rest of the program, the staff tries to make this piece as much like a college program as possible. The team is driven by Premier Coach, the same coach bus company that has driven the athletic teams of the St. Michael’s College, Castleton State, etc.

While on the road, the team spends their nights at first rate hotels such as The Sheraton, The Marriott, and The Westin. Parents are also given the opportunity to stay at team hotels with the same rate as the program gets.

Understanding the importance of proper nutrition, the staff ensures that each player receives the right food at the right times in order to provide the athlete with both enough energy to compete and also to replenish after competition.

Much like at the college level, each player is provided an itinerary for travel, which outlines when and where he needs to be at any certain time. The itineraries are very helpful for things such as wake-up times, meeting times, and arrival/departures from competitions. They also help the players learn to be on their own and manage their time on the road. It puts responsibility in the players’ hands and allows them to mature in that respect.  Gatineau-Intinerary

The Rice Prep Hockey Program is a first class organization and takes the safety and well being of players very seriously.