Team Building Day at Mt. Philo A Success

Last weekend the boys pushed the limits physically and mentally with their Team Building Day at Mt. Philo.  This year’s group was split into 4 groups of 5 players, chosen completely at random, with Captains of each team chosen at random.  Each team of 5 trying to transport a 5 gallon bucket of water to the top of Mt. Philo as quickly as possible.  The catch is, there were lines of “Encouragement” to try and keep from losing water, which would result in a penalty.  This mile trek to the top proved to be a daunting one, which forced the boys to work together and communicate effectively.  Once at the top of Mt. Philo the boys completed a few more physical challenges as an entire group.

“I really liked our format this year,” said Sr. Capt. Logan Stanislas.  “It really pushed the guys to communicate within their small groups and forced some new or younger guys into leadership roles.”  See a few highlights from this year’s Team Building below: