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Campbell and Evans Invited to USA National Camp

Junior Kaley Campbell from Colchester, VT was selected to attend the 2015 18U USA Hockey National festival in St. Cloud, MN. The camp will take place from … MORE

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2015 Fall Foliage Classic

October 23-25th 2015 U8, U10, U12, U14, U16 and U19 Brackets Tournament Webpage


Battisti and Ellisasis Compete in Beijing, China

Good luck to Hanna Elliscasis​ and Giorgia Battisti​ along with team Italy as they compete in the Women’s World championships in division IB starting today in Beijing … MORE

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Rice Players Selected for All Star Festival

Rice players were selected for the New England Yankee Conference District Festival. Players in the 15/16/17 age brackets are evaluated for USA Hockey national select camps. The … MORE

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The Knights Wrap up the Season Going 2-2 in NE Championships

The Knights Girls’ Prep hockey team ended their season this past weekend going 2 - 2 in the New England 19u Tier I Regional Championships held in Hooksett, NH. They … MORE

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Knights Set for Tier 1 New England Regionals

The Green Knights will travel to Hookset, NH today and face the New Hampshire Avalanche starting at 5:40pm. They then will face the CT Polar Bears at … MORE

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Knights were on top of their game on Senior Weekend!

The Knights played a tough three games against teams from Montreal and Ontario this past weekend.  It was not only three wins but also three shutouts beating Andre-Laurendeau … MORE

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Rice Stands Tall at the Boston Shamrock Invitational

After a long day filled with school, sports psych, team dinner, changing bus drivers we arrived in Boston to play the the California Waves. The Waves were … MORE

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Green Knights Head to Albany, NY

The Knights will play 2 out of their 4 games on the same ice surface that alum, Sara Till ’11 calls “home”. The Knights start off the … MORE

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Knights Travel to Cicero, NY for League Weekend

  After a long week of studying and exams the Green Knights will travel to play the Macloed side of the league. The Knights will start out … MORE

Walter O’Brien
Becky Salyards

# Name Position Grade
1 Maddie Myers G 11
2 Brianna McFall D 11
3 Jill Rathke D 12
4 Mikayla Butkus D 10
6 Jillian Gibbs F 10
7 Erica Lykens-Bonnette D 12
8 Alexis Hall F 12
9 Lucy Stillman F 11
11 Sabrina Huett F 11
12 Allison Babbitt F 9
14 Kaley Campbell F 10
15 Kierra Wright F 12
16 Jordyn Michaud D 9
17 Sophie Loughran D 9
20 Hanna Elliscasis F 12
21 Sam Fuller F 11
30 Nikki Talcott G 10

league record 5 – 7 – 2 / overall 14 – 34 – 5
Date Opponent Time Location Score
11/03 Sun NE Festival Tryouts Hooksett, NH
11/04 Mon 1st official day of practice 1:00 Rice HS
11/09 Sat Northwood School 2pm Saranac Lake, NY 1-3L
11/10 Sun Northwood School 12:30p Lake Placid, NY 0-2L
NAPHA League Weekend
11/15 Fri Stanstead College 5:00p Stanstead 0-2L
11/16 Sat Rothesay Netherwood Sch 9:00a Stanstead 0-1L
11/16 Sat King’s Edgehill School 6:15p Stanstead 4-0W
11/17 Sun Northwood School 12:00p Stanstead 3-3T
11/24 Sun OHA-Gold 1:00p Conwall CC, Ont 2-4L
11/24 Sun OHA-Gold 2 5:00p Conwall CC, Ont 2-4L
11/26 Tues Stunt Night
11/28 Thur Thanksgiving
12/4 Wed Kimball Union Academy 5:30p Meriden, NH 1-0W
NAPHA Crossover Weekend
12/6 Fri Trinity  10:45a Cicero, NY 5-1W
12/6 Fri Wy Seminary  3:45p Cicero, NY 2-2T
12/7 Sat Nichols  9:30p Cicero, NY 1-3L
12/7 Sat Ridley  3:30p Cicero, NY 2-3L
12/8 Sun Gilmour  9:30a Cicero, NY 0-1L
12/14 Sat Winter Ball
12/15 Sun  OFF
Deerfield Academy Holiday Tournament
12/20 Fri Deerfield  8am Deerfield, MA 0-2L
12/20 Fri Boston Shamrocks  3pm Deerfield, MA 2-1L
12/21 Sat Stanstead  9:45am Deerfield, MA 0-1L
12/21 Sat Nichols  1:15pm Deerfield, MA 1-2L
12/27 Fri Polar BearWyoming Sem  1:15pm Northford Red 5-0W
12/28 Sat Polar Bear
 9:20am Cromwell Upper 0-0T
12/28 Sat Polar BearNJ Rocketts  3:10pm Cromwell Upper 0-1L
12/29 Sun Polar BearCT Northern Lights  5:30pm Cromwell Upper 0-2L
Phillip Exeter Tournament
1/3 Fri Williston  3:30p Exeter, NH 1-4L
1/3 Fri New Hampton  6pm Exeter, NH 1-3L
1/4 Sat Gunnery  2:30p Exeter, NH 0-4L
1/5 Sun Northfield Mount Herman  1:45p Exeter, NH 2-1W
NAPHA League Weekend
1/10 Fri KES 1:10p Cairns 1 1-4L
1/11 Sat Northwood 5:30p Cairns 2 4-0W
1/12 Sun RNS 7:30a Cairns 1 2-1W
1/12 Sun Stanstead 2:15p Cairns 1 0-2L
1/20-1/24 Mid Term Exams (limited practice)
1/25 Sat MCYH Edge  12pm  SUNY Canton 8-0W
1/25 Sat MCYH Edge  5pm  SUNY Canton 5-1W
1/31 Fri NAPEAN Tournament- OHA
4pm Ottawa, Ont 0-0T
2/1 Fri Ottawa Ice 8:55pm Ottawa, Ont 1-4L
2/1 Sat NAPEAN Wildcats 9:10pm Ottawa, Ont 0-2L

2/5 Wed Stanstead POSTPONED Middlebury
2/8 Sat Jr. Islanders 6:30pm Skate 3 Tynsboro 2-1W
2/9 Sun Lady Cyclones 9am Hudson, NH Cyclones Arena 1-0W
2/9 Sun Jr. Islanders 3:50pm  Skate 3 Tynsboro 0-1L
2/14 Fri NAPHA ChampionshipsNichols 1pm Cicero, NY 1-5L
2/15 Sat Northwood 11:45am Cicero, NY 3-2W
2/15 Sat Gilmour 8:45pm Cicero, NY 1-2L OT
2/21 Fri  NAHA (Hockey Fights Cancer Game) 5:20p Carins  0-1L
March NAHA Tournament
2/28 Fri NJ Colonials 8pm Waterbury 0-6L
3/1 Sat Sens MAA 1:15p Waterbury 1-2L
3/1 Sat OHA gold 2
6:30p Stowe 1-4L
3/2 Sun Ottawa Ice
9am Waterbury 3-5L
3/8 Sat Northwood (senior game)
4:00p Carins 2-3L
3/9 Sun Northwood 2:00p Lake Placid 1-1T
3/15 Sat VT Shamrocks 10:00a Cairns2 5-0W
3/15 Sat CT Northern Lights 4:00p Carins2 0-1L
3/16 Sun OHA 10:00a Carins 1 0-3L
3/21 Fri NE Regional – Midfairfield 7:00p Trinity College 3-1W
3/22 Fri NE Regional Championship game- Polar Bears 1:00p Trinity College 0-4L
4/2 Wed USAH Nationals- Colorado Selects 9:30a Rink 6 1-4L
4/3 Thurs USAH Nationals- Assabet 1:30p Rink 5 0-3L
4/4 Fri USAH Nationals- Chicago Mission 11:40a Rink 4 1-7L